Creating the foundations of a movement for sustainable change across Africa



Health systems across Africa remain weak, in spite of the vast sums of money spent on health system development and health care delivery by international aid organisations and governments. Some of the reasons for this include a lack of coordinated working by the different stakeholders in the health sector, as well as support that often does not align with the health care priorities of African countries. Also priority health research into local health needs is insufficient. Consequently health programming on the continent is most often not evidence-based, resulting in ineffective and inefficient health interventions and poor health care delivery. Health worker migration has also proven to be a significant contributor to keeping Africa's health systems inherently weak.

What is Afri-Impact?

Afri-impact is a project that aims to impact on health improvements on the African continent by profiling a wide range of health projects, opinions and ideas in a manner that positively contributes to health system development and health care delivery.

It has as part of its remit, to positively impact on evidence-based health improvements on the continent by achieving exposure for health projects regardless of size, and promoting the sharing of information.

It utilizes its platform including its presence on social media to proffer not only perspective, but also generate discussion about global health issues especially as it affects Africa and Africans.

What is Afri-Impact's mission?

The mission of Afri-Impact is to organise and profile knowledge and experience in a manner that serves as a catalyst for improvements to health systems across Africa.

To fulfil its mission, Afri-Impact pursues the following strategic objectives:

  1. To establish and maintain a means of profiling the work of health personnel and organisations involved in sustainable health systems development and health care delivery on the continent.
  2. To profile the work of Diaspora health institutions actively engaged in partnership working with health institutions on the continent
  3. To establish a channel of communication and experience sharing between health personnel and organisations working on similar health projects on the continent, thus ensuring the sharing of lessons learned as well as best practices.
  4. To facilitate a process of matching specific public health skill sets within Africa and the Diaspora to institutions and projects in Africa with specific health care development and delivery needs.
  5. To facilitate a process of stakeholder peer support.